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General / Can't Register Union Separate at Rho Ophiuchi
« on: 2019 August 02 16:06:28 »
I'd like to make a mosaic of the Rho Ophiuchi region.  I've successfully combined red tiles from Rho Ophiuchi to Antares using register union separate and  gradient merge mosaic, but when I try to run register union separate on green or blue I get an error message that not enough stars can be found to create the separate registered images.  It seems that the Rho Ophiuchi nebula is just to cloudy to tile.  Is this true, or is there a way to tile with few stars?

General / Why did my dnaLinearFit disappear?
« on: 2019 August 02 10:52:32 »
I put dnaLinearFit.js into the scripts folder last fall, and just got another situation where I needed it, but it was gone from the scripts folder. I replaced it from my downloads, so I've got it now, but was reinstalling it the right thing to do? Where did the first copy go? Has it been deprecated? Or does the update process remove it? I've had at least one update since I installed it in the folder.
Thanks in advance. 

My targets night before last were Omega Centauri, Leo Triplet, and Rho Ophiuchi.  The camera was a mono ASI1600MMC with ZWO filter set. Subframes were LRGB.  The capture software was TheSkyX Windows.  Total length of LRGB exposures was 16 minutes.  That caused horizontal motion of the mountain tops in Omega Centauri photo.

The Batch PreProcessing Script calibrated a few of each set, and then failed when registering.  The script calibrated all problem subs when I "Calibrate Only" and then manually registered all the subfrrames of each color.  The script had no problems fully running and calibrating and registering the Leo Triplet.  Are the irregular features causing the problem in Omega Centauri and Rho Ophiuchi?

I've attached images of the targets I had to manually register. 

General / Has PixInsight been certified for Windows 10?
« on: 2015 June 24 11:11:42 »
A "Get Windows 10 Free" app just showed up on both my desktop and laptop.  I ran the app that checked my compatible and incompatible applications, but PixInsight wasn't listed among either group.  Has it been certified, or will it be by the July 29 when Windows 10 is distributed?  And does anyone know what happened to Windows 9 8)?

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