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General / Aperture Photometry doesn't calculate Rmag
« on: 2019 July 22 15:01:11 »
I'm new to photometry and are trying to use PI's function before i try something else, but i can't get it to calculate the magnitude of the stars i'm trying to measure.
There's no flags on the star i'm trying to measure.

Table_errors.txt has this message: Table_PSF_Flux.csv: TypeError: star.psf is undefined
xisf file and csv file can be found here on Dropbox.

Wish List / Re: Read Write speeds
« on: 2018 December 17 09:00:59 »
The problem is that Batch file conversion only uses a single thread, i would love to see it upgaded to handle multi thereads since i convert all my files to XISF with compression, i save around 40-50% space and that's a lot with a 250GB+ with XISF files.
I believe it shouldn't be that much work to make it able to run parallel threads on different images

I use that script all the time, but it can't run outside Pixinsight which is what i'm after

I'm converting all FITS files to XISF and this is pretty time consuming to do all the time, i wonder if it would be possible to have a XISF standalone conversion tool made? Commandline would be totally ok, just point it to a folder and it would convert all FITS files and either keep or delete the old files.

Wish List / Impove multithreaded calibration
« on: 2016 November 05 05:39:12 »
Calibrating images doesn't seem to be using all available processing power, i get cpu usage around 50% while calibrating on my 4790K so there is definitely possible to gain some speed during this processing

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