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General / Re: Pixinsight Noise Reduction Routines
« on: 2013 April 16 12:10:21 »
Hi Martin,
Maybe this could be of interest for you:


Dear Rod, I am sorry but I missed this post (I have not been very active later on :-[).

This presentation was made for an audience of about 60 people and there was a lot of verbal discussion and questions at the end. In my website I also included a text file with most of my explanations to the audience:

These are 8 pages of text, only in Spanish and I apologize I have no time now to properly translate to English. However I guess you still can get useful information from this document trough an automatic Goggle translation.

In any case, to provide you an answer to your question, I give you a short translation of my explanation of dispositive 35:

“We take a look to the 4 zooms at 300%.
On the Average image we can see almost everything: we have the trace of the plane, we see a second and weaker plane trace, almost horizontal, hot pixels here and there and also cold pixels.
Looking to the other 3 images we see that traces of airplanes and hot pixels are gone in all 3. But with regards to cold pixels, Sigma Clipped image still retains many (in fact all of them, since we have seen previously that there was no cut at all), Linear Fit image is much better, but shows two black dots that are quite visible. Winsorized image, has on the contrary very soft sky background and presents no cold pixel.
Therefore (and having done this check on other key points of the image) I select Winsorized Sigma Clipping algorithm

I apologize for my bad translation and hope that can help you a bit

Best regards

Bug Reports / Re: 1.8 RC5 crashes when closing image Windows 7
« on: 2013 April 07 04:24:16 »
I have Win 7 professional x64, Intel Quad Core, 8GB memory in my laptop.

I cannot reporduce the problem


Announcements / Re: PixInsight 1.8.0 RC5 "Ripley" Released
« on: 2013 March 28 13:19:28 »
Thanks Jordi. Where have you been lately? We have been missing you here!
Thanks Juan, I appreciate your words, really
As you know these are difficult times. I've been a long time without appearing neither this nor other forums, but I have not been completely separated from the astrophotography: I have a hard disk full of data that I've been taking this year. I just need some time and especially emotional stability to get back to process images ;)


Announcements / Re: PixInsight 1.8.0 RC5 "Ripley" Released
« on: 2013 March 28 11:24:39 »
Thank you Juan for the tremendous work done with Ripley.
I just installed RC5 and works fine in all senses on win 7 64.
New script looks really promising

Thanks for the comments

I think I had slightly bettter results with a smoothed mask when working on quite noisy images. But I do not know if this effect would be important or event significant on less noisy raws.
What do you recommend?

I usually smooth a bit the masks and I think I get better results this way

BTW, any chance you will be translating your other papers to English?

The Integration images presentation is already in english. Previous papers are a bit older and I think not so interesting today. Anyway I have not much time on these days , sorry.

Also, how did I never know about the RangeSelection tool?! I've been using Histrogram Transformations on luminance extractions for far too long.

Yes PixInsight has "hidden gems"  :D :D

Best regards

Hi all,
I have had a very low participation on the forum in the last months as I am on a very busy professional situation at the moment and unfortunately I have not much time for astrophoto :sad: :sad:
Anyway I promised some time ago to make a presentation on noise reduction in astrophotography using PixInsight, and I did it finally last weekend.
If you would like to have it a look, you can download the powerpoint file from my webpage:

There are Spanish and English versions. I already ask your indulgence for the quality if the English translation (It is quite a bit heavy file, 17 Mb, as it contains some images with a reasonable resolution).
Unfortunately this time I did not have records of my speech so you may found that some slides seem incomplete or difficult to understand without the verbal explanation.
Best regards

New Scripts and Modules / Re: HaRGBCombination Script
« on: 2011 October 02 02:03:13 »
Thanks again for your work Silvercup :D

Very interesting turorial Vicent, thanks for sharing  :D

Announcements / Re: APOD for Maxi
« on: 2011 September 04 07:40:16 »
Felicidaes Maxi ;)


Announcements / Re: APOD for Stephen L. again
« on: 2011 September 04 07:39:40 »
Congratulations Steven! ;)


Gallery / Re: NGC6914, VdB 131, 132 and surrounding area
« on: 2011 August 12 11:16:47 »
Thank you for your comments Gerald, Julian and Marc

Could you possibly elaborate on your steps to combine the HA & Red to achieve such rich color---

Marc, combining Ha with other wideband data and geting a good result is always a dificult task (at least for me  :D ). I have used diferent methods depending on the characteristics of the images. In this case I used a method suggested by Vicent Peris. You can see it here (described by Jack Harvey):

After following the indicated steps, I made different tests on the final mixing ratio and found that the best looking for me was 0.60Ha 0.4R, and this was the one used in this image.


Gallery / Re: NGC6914, VdB 131, 132 and surrounding area
« on: 2011 August 11 00:20:31 »
Thanks for you comments Steve, Yuri, Harry and Alejandro :)

Best regards

Gallery / NGC6914, VdB 131, 132 and surrounding area
« on: 2011 August 10 10:10:28 »
Hi all,

I have just finished processing of my last image. It is a widefield image in Cynus with NGC6914 nebula in the center.
Image taken with TOA-150 and STL11k. Exposure:  9x20 min RGB + 9x30 min Halpha (Astrodon filters).

This is the image at 800 pixel wide:

This is link to a higher resolution (66%) version:

and this is a close-up of central nebulosity (ay 100%):

Best regards

Gallery / Re: M8-M20
« on: 2011 August 09 03:43:34 »
Very nice image ;)


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