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General / Re: RGB Combination with Pixel Math
« on: 2018 February 14 13:22:59 »
Rick, Mike and Bernd - Thanks a lot for the replies. 


General / Re: RGB Combination with Pixel Math
« on: 2018 February 14 08:16:01 »
Thank you all for the replies.  I was trying to keep the question short and simple but maybe i need to clarify.  I have 3 narrow band channels (Ha, SII and OIII) that have been calibrated, aligned, integrated and cleaned up with ABE,etc.  I was using the linear fit routine with RGB channel combination (all with linear images) but decided to use pixel math so I could combine the 3 channels with some additional control.  For example:
R=0.2*Ha + 0.8*SII
G=0.7*Ha + 0.3*OIII
Prior to combining the images in Pixel Math i moved the images from the linear state to non-linear with Histogram Transform and applied some slight noise reduction. 
I'm wondering now if i should have left the images in a linear state and then converted to non-linear after Pixel Math.  There is a fair amount of discussion on using Pixel Math to combine images, but it's not clear (at least not to me) if the images should be linear or not to get the best color balance.
Thanks again...


Bug Reports / Image integration issues
« on: 2014 March 20 08:41:26 »
Greetings.  Using the latest version of PixInsight (PixInsight Core Ripley (x64)) I am having issues with the software crashing during image integration.  I am on a 64bit Mac Pro OS X 10.8.5 with 64GB RAM and 24 logical processors.  I am trying to integrate about 250 single shot color images that have already been calibrated and registered with PixInsight. I have tried adjusting the buffer and stack size but this didn't work.  Any suggestions?  I have only been integrate less than 200 images before crashing.  Thanks in advance.


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