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Bug Reports / Re: Unable to start PixInsight on Fedora 23
« on: 2016 March 07 01:33:26 »
Hi Pedro, Robert, Piero et al,

I have just released version for Linux, which is 100% compatible with Fedora 23 / glibc 2.22 and the latest KDE Plasma 5. The installation archives for are now available on software distribution.

Please note that on an out-of-the-box Fedora 23 installation you have to install the gstreamer-plugins-base package in order to run PixInsight:

# dnf install gstreamer-plugins-base

other than this everything should work perfectly.

Thank you for your patience.

Great work Juan. Runs fast on a PCBSD 10.2 machine.

Thank you.


Detection and Removal of Artifacts in Astronomical Images

Bug Reports / Re: Unable to start PixInsight on Fedora 23
« on: 2016 January 14 05:12:52 »
This sounds just great!!!  :smiley:
Thanks Juan!


Holla Juan,

will this also apply for FreeBSD installations?


Hi Eddy!

When  "Rleisenz" asked_ are  these Videos available in German? I was smiling about his humour!
i was understanding it like your comment.  So, i have to apologize the  Austrian german language is different to northern Germany german language.
It is more like bavarian german language...

Hi Gerald,

thanks, you got my intention.
In fact my father was born in vienna, so the accent is quite familiar to me.
Just a common joke.


Hallo Tommy,

gibt es die Videos auch in deutsch?

General / Installation under PCBSD
« on: 2015 December 07 14:59:21 »
I just installed PCBSD 10.2 in a virtual machine under Mint Linux and everything runs fine. I used a Virtualbox vmdk machine from the PCBSD site.
I downloaded the Freebsd version of PI and the installation terminated without errors. Unfortunately PI won´t start.
Any ideas?


PS: (09.12.2015)
In the meantime i tried to install PI under FreeBSD 10.2 and PC-BSD 10.0. In none of the versions PI starts after the installation.
Is there any version of BSD that will work with PI?

General / Re: SubframeSelector System Parameters
« on: 2015 October 16 10:52:04 »
Hi Mike,

thanks for your support. Just installed Linux an PI and it really runs faster.

Thank you for your great scripts!


General / SubframeSelector System Parameters
« on: 2015 October 16 02:40:56 »
I want to give the SubframeSelector script a try on my last subs i created (140 x 600s).
In the System Parameter part is asked for the camera gain.
I wonder which value is meant. Is it the value which i get by running
the BasicCCD Parameter script? Is the value dependant on the Gain settings of the driver?
I use a QHYCCD 9m and the documentation gives a value for the System gain of 0.4e-/adu (at gain=0).
So if i push up the gain in the driver to lets say 10, is that of importance for the SubframeSelector script?

Maybe someone can clarify this.

Hi steve,

i do not know this reducer, but i presume that Vixen
seized it to this scope. But you may be lucky
with a third party vendor. Check the appropriate
forums for user experiences.  On the long run you should
head for one target per night even on multiple nights to
increase the SNR of your data. I aim for 8 to 12 hours per target.
(its more satisfying to have one big fish than a lot of sardines)


Hello Steven,

i would try with a focal reducer. F/10 is difficult with faint fuzzies and 6 min. are rather short.
You say you operate from a dark site, so you may try to acquire images without light pollution filter.
With the above setup you may aim to reach 8 or 10 min subs with a far better SNR.

Good luck

Tutorials and Processing Examples / Re: NARROWBAND TUTORIALS
« on: 2014 September 22 13:50:18 »
Thanks Warren,
i love the videos and i am eager to see the
next clips.



i am aiming at around 23000 ADU. I used a tool called
"Sky Flats Assistant" which is available here:  (free stuff),
but you need Maxim DL to operate.


Tutorials and Processing Examples / Re: NARROWBAND TUTORIALS
« on: 2014 August 31 02:16:04 »
I also hope that they will be updated some day. At least a online version
should be no big deal. I am willing to pay for the updated videos.
What do you think Warren and Peter?

Thank you

Hi Steve,

thanks for your quick reply. Do you mean you preprocess the data of the same scale separately
and combine the ready processed stacks?


Hi everybody,

the idea is to combine RGB Data from a 1000Da (5.7 microns pixel size) and Luminance from a KAF 8300 mono (pixelsize 5.4 microns).
Is that possible with PI, and when how to accomplish that?
The data will be gathered with the same optic. Do i have to split the RGB channels in R, G and B?
What about registering the different scales? Does it makes sense at all?
Lot of question marks, i hope that someone can help.


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