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General / Re: Ha Extraction of OSC Data
« on: 2019 June 04 14:08:24 »

not sure, think i will get the noise from the green and blue channel in my red channel then!?

CS Frank

General / Ha Extraction of OSC Data
« on: 2019 June 04 13:54:51 »

i´ve imaged a couple of Pictures with an Duo Narrowband Filter, and an OSC Camera. I now would like to seperate The RGB Channels from my Image to extract e.g. the Ha from the Red Channel without having too much Noise from the other Channels, hence want to do that in an early Stadium of Imageprocessing.
Does anyone did this before, or maye are there any suggestions how to do so?

CS Frank


i thought about english subtitles, but i assume that would be much more work then just record it in english.

CS Frank

General / Re: Widespan Milkyway Mosaic?
« on: 2019 February 05 08:24:24 »
Hi Juan,

thanks for replying, thats good news! Maybe you need some Data for Betatesting?
CS Frank

General / Widespan Milkyway Mosaic?
« on: 2019 February 05 06:29:19 »

i´ve captured a pretty Milkyway Mosaic last year, spanning from Aquila to Musca with the Galactic Center in Centerposition. I did this with a 24mm Lens on a Canon6D.
I thought processing would be easy, but i gave up on it. I can match together two panels of it but no way to match al 4 panels. It seems like the distortion is just to strong.

Are there any recommendations or tricks out there ? I would love to hear.

Thanks in Advance


i did a YouTube Series with what i call my standard workflow. Its only in German yet, but maybe i will do it in english as well.

The Series covers a whole Workflow from beginning to End, covering the following tasks:
-image inspection with blink module
-batchpreprocessing script for calibrating ccd and dslr data
-star align and image integration
-DBE and ABE
-noise reduction with MLT
-colorsaturatin and colorcalibration
-stretching with HT and Maskedstretch
-final processing and tweaking
-image formats and sizes

further i plan to add more advanced videos and maybe english versions.

CS Frank

General / Photometric Normalization
« on: 2019 January 28 07:58:49 »

i´d like to compare two images based on their photometric values and normalize them to each other. A broadband red filtered image to a narrowband Ha filtered image.
I think a photometric nomalization is part of the photometric color corrrection, but i have no clue how to interfere into that process to get out what i need?

Anybody any Ideas how the job can be done in PI? Again, the goal ist to have comparable photometric brightness in a broadband and narrowband filtered image.

Thank You


i´ve compared different stretching Methods in PixInsight and noticed, that Automatic Histogram (which i like, cause it gives me tighter Stars) leads to a color shift towards Blue and Green (or less Red so to say) in my case.
Is there an explanation for that, am i doing something wrong with it?
As i always do a Color Correction (PCC in this case) i´d like to have the Colors untouched from that point on.


General / Re: optimized image subtraction
« on: 2017 May 09 12:12:30 »
Hi Carlos,

what could Linear Fit do? Leveling the Background or the Signal? It can´t level out the Starsize i guess.

CS Frank

General / optimized image subtraction
« on: 2017 May 09 10:41:45 »

i´d like to subtract two images but don´t want to simply use pixelmath. Both images should first of all be adjust to get the same stars FWHM, the same Signal Levels and Background Levels. So in the End there should be no Artifacts from not matching stars, or negativ values, because of mismatch of signals.
Does anyone have an idea, how can i reach that goal without just try and error (which works, but i´d like to optimize this)?

CS Frank

General / Purple and cyan Stars DSLR
« on: 2017 February 22 13:56:50 »

i´ve processed my first image completely in PixInsight. Its a 2hours Image of the Milkyway with a Canon 6D and a 24mm Lens.
In the final image you can see that most of the bright stars are purple or do have purple centers, while dim stars have a cyan color cast (see attached crop).

Here is what i did:

BatchProcessing (against all recommendations) of Flats, Bias and Lights
Linear Fit to Green
Background Neutralization
SCNR remove green
Masked Strech

Do you have any ideas if i did something wrong here, or how i could avoid this.

CS Frank

General / Re: Theli an PI Channel Combination
« on: 2017 February 14 06:58:51 »
Hola Juan,

its all cool now, thanks for your answer.

CS Frank

General / Re: Theli an PI Channel Combination
« on: 2017 February 14 05:39:11 »
Hello Thomas, Hello Juan,

i´ve slept about what you wrote, and i will give some answers.

I see now, that my first Posting was very unlucky, because my formulation sounds like i´m blaming PI for working wrong, but it is not.

Many apologies for that, that was totally not my Intention. My words werent choosen well, and from that perspective i can understand parts of Juans reaction.
I´d rather should have asked why my data is differently treat by different softwares. And i´m sure the answer is interesting not only for me, beside the fact that i use Theli or not.

In my earlier postings i´ve also said, that i really like PI and have full respect for its developer. I´ve used PixInsight already way back, when it was called PI LE. I´ve buyed my Core License a couple of years ago, but never worked seriously with it, until now. I´ve watched hundreds of Videos, buyed Warrens Book and i´m really curious about the Software Package. Also my latest pictures were partly processed in PI, and i´m very Happy with that. So, to say it clear again: I´m a Fan of your Software.

What i didn´t liked was the way Juan reacted. Again, even from the perspective that i used totally wrong words, to describe my problem, Juans reaction was for me, very angry, almost personal and disrespectful. If someone uses phrases like "not my friend" over and over again, than i reply: Yes, and you are not my friend either.
Maybe Juan got things wrong, and maybe i got things wrong. Well it is like it is now.

For me two things are important:

1. i like to choose whatever software i use by myself. I don´t need to tell someone the reasons why i use specific software. It is my personal choice and no one elses. If you´d ask me, i will tell you the reasons, but still this is only my business. Especially because it is just my Hobby.

2. Someone elses buisness is not my business, because i have to pay my biils and run my own business. So we all have to carry our packet.

@Thomas: Yes i agree, my initial posting was not based on knowledge and facts. As i said above this is a big misunderstanding, and i´ve caused that because my words werent choosen wisely. BUT: Anyway i´m allowed to have no Knowledge:-) As Juan said, it´s just my Hobby. My Knowledge about Mathematics is just OK to write my bills, my program language skills are not more than two command lines in Basic which i´ve learned as a Kid. I´m not an astronomer and i´m not a Software Developer. Yet i´m allowed to work with this softwares and expect an outcome. And based on the quality of this outcome i choose my tools to work with. That does not mean, that i don´t want to learn about whats going on, but i will never get the full knowledge, because i´m not an engineer.

When i´ve started digital Astrophotography in 2006 i´ve tried very fast different free to use Softwares, and i was not satisfied with the results. Thats why i´ve choosed Theli, way back when PIxInsight was still in its beginnings. Meanwhile PIxInsight became (quiet rightly) THE Standart for astronomical imageprocessing. And believe it or not, last week i´ve considered seriously to quit with Theli and start completly with PI. Two things holding me back, first of all i´m just used to my workflow, and i need to learn a new one. 2nd i´m missing at least two things in PI, one is the star catalog the other the B-V color calibration. But there are workarounds for both.

Concerning Theli, yes it is not up do date, and honestly i don´t know if it will become in the future. Mischa is busy with his Job and Family, and i think the Time for Theli is over. I´ve talked to some users and sooner or later they will all switch to PI.

Lots of Words and i could go on and on. I hope my point of view is somehow understandable.

CS Frank

General / Re: Theli an PI Channel Combination
« on: 2017 February 13 06:10:26 »
Never Mind Juan,

i will do so.

Have a nice day.

General / Re: Theli an PI Channel Combination
« on: 2017 February 12 06:40:56 »
Hi Thomas,

thank you very much for your answer. This explains everything.

CS Frank

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