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Astro19 - Warren Keller and Ron Brecher have done 5 workshops in the US and Canada in the last 12 months. I know there are plans in the works for more this coming year, they are announced here so you'll need to check back often. There are plenty of free and paid resources to learn PixInsight online to get you started. It's best to have some stick time with the program to get the most out of any workshop.


We've had a great response to our upcoming PixInsight workshop in Buffalo, New York May 4-6, 2018. Registration closes Saturday, April 7th as we finalize meals and materials needed for the venue. There are still a few spots left so, don't miss out on this chance to master PixInsight!



Only 7 spots left! If you're thinking of attending, don't wait too long to register!

Come join us for PixInsight and Chicken Wings in Buffalo!

Just a quick update we are more than halfway to our max attendance.  If you are considering attending you may want to register soon. See you in Buffalo!

Tutorials and Processing Examples / Re: Is there a user manual?
« on: 2018 February 01 11:25:57 »
There are a bunch of great free and paid resources.  Warren's book is probably the closest thing to a user manual right now.

We also have some great tutorials on our WEB site - There's a free Primer there along with some paid but many free tutorials.

Harry was motioned in an earlier post, his site and many others are listed on our resource page.


Tutorials and Processing Examples / Re: Starting New
« on: 2016 December 27 18:50:28 » is also an excellent resource. We have many free tutorials and a great getting started 'Primer'.

Have fun!



Pick a place and a time for dinner and I'll be there.  If anyone wants to reach me my cell is 716-864-7400.

Looking forward to meeting everyone.


I'm staying at the Le Meridien Cambridge arriving midday on Friday.  Let's find a place to meet up for those coming in on Friday night.



I will attending the workshop and have few questions. 

I'll be using a 13" macbook pro is it ok to bring a LCD display to use?  Also I didn't get my login for the files site until the 27th by the time read  the email it was the 29th of the month (the upload deadline was the May 28th).  Should I still load my data or just bring it with me?  Not sure if we will be using our own data or you'll provide the data.

For others I will be arriving Friday night is there a place where attends will be getting together?



Pete here Warren's business partner. 

The easiest way to get them on and iPad is to do this through iTunes.  Under the File Menu look for 'Add to Library' then select the MP4 files found in the separate tutorial folders.  When you've added them all to iTunes and depending on the version of iTunes your running they will be shown as Movies or Home Movies. Now you need to connect your iPad and select and sync the files.  You'll not have closed captioning or the TOC feature but you can view them on the iPad. 

We are looking to publish a iPad app in the next few months but it will be at full price not the special offer we've run through this week.
Email me if you have any questions.


General / Re: Batch Preprocess Script New Instance problem
« on: 2013 November 06 03:53:42 »
Herb - Thanks that seems to do it.  :D


General / Batch Preprocess Script New Instance problem
« on: 2013 November 05 19:38:36 »
When I use the script and save a new instance after exiting the script when I run the new instance none of the files are restored to the Bias/Darks/Flats/Lights windows.  The registration reference image is preserved along with the output directory and any of the parameters set.  I'm running on a 64 bit MAC - I tried deleting the program and reinstalling but that didn't resolve the problem. 

Thanks for your help.


General / Re: TGVDenoise update did not take
« on: 2013 September 04 16:37:32 »
I deleted and reinstalled and now have TGVD.

General / Re: TGVDenoise update did not take
« on: 2013 September 04 06:01:39 »
I'm using a Mac and running Ripley which tells me no updates currently available, TGVD is not showing under Process.  Is there a .xri or similar file on my Mac that I can delete? I don't know if this helps it the info from NoiseReduction under Manage Modules:

Module Id ............ NoiseReduction
Version ..............
Language ............. eng: English
Development status ... <* Unspecified *> (release)
Release date ......... 2013/4/21
Company .............. Pleiades Astrophoto
Author ............... Juan Conejero, PTeam / Carlos Milovic F., PTeam
Copyright ............ Copyright (c) 2006-2013, Pleiades Astrophoto
Trade marks .......... PixInsight
Original file name ... NoiseReduction-pxm.dylib
API version .......... 141
Module Description:
PixInsight Standard NoiseReduction Process Module



General / Re: COMPLAINT - PixInsight Website
« on: 2013 August 13 13:40:37 »
Dave could you do me a favor and talk to Apple? I'm really sick of so many websites that won't work on my Iphone or Ipad. Let me know what Apple says will you?

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