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General / Problems saving drizzled images.
« on: 2014 November 14 02:43:43 »

I am having some problems recently with saving images.
I have aligned the calibrated fits with drizzle data, then used image integration and drizzle integration as described on this forum to create a drizzle image. That image is generated without issues, and it looks good in STF. However, when I try to save it, I get the following error:

PCL Exception: PCL FITS Format Support: FITS file write error:
CFITSIO error message stack:
01 : Numerical overflow during type conversion while writing FITS data.
<* failed *>

This happens both under Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14, in Pixinsight 1.8.0 and 1.8.02 and 1.8.03. Also tried saving all fits formats: 32 bits, 8 bits, 64 bits, signed & unsigned etc, same result. Any suggestions?
I will also mention that calibration was done under Maxim not Pixinsight, however this shouldn't matter. I have tried stacking the same images without drizzle, and the result was saved successfully.

I appreciate any help with this, thank you

Gallery / Sh2-29 in Sagitarius
« on: 2014 August 13 13:50:36 »

I'm glad to show you this new work. Sh2-29 in constellation of Sagitarius, near the Lagoon Nebula.

I wish you like it. Clic on image for full data and resollution on Astrobin.

Gallery / Trifid Nebula with pillars.
« on: 2014 August 11 00:02:14 »

I wish to share with you this image I took at the starparty of AstroAyna in Spain.

All the data aquisition is at this Astrobin link. Clic on image to direct full resolution size.

And this is a cut that show you the location of the pillars on the nebulla.

Best regards.

Gallery / Re: NGC 1097 in Fornax
« on: 2013 November 28 03:42:27 »
Well done! Impresive detail.

Gallery / Re: NGC7000 Wide Angle in HST
« on: 2013 November 19 23:18:37 »
Amazing image. I love the HST classic palette.

Interesting how do you enhace the colors with only that short shots.

Gallery / Re: LDN1250 in Cepheus
« on: 2013 September 10 00:50:22 »
Beautifull image and very well processed.

Gallery / Re: NGC 281
« on: 2013 September 06 01:35:12 »
Well done!!!

Gallery / Re: My Colorful moon
« on: 2013 August 19 23:58:50 »
Summer isn't the best season to shoot the Moon, but you made a good job.

Gallery / Re: Cenital Color Moon
« on: 2013 August 19 03:35:52 »
Amazing image! beautifull colors and very nice procesed.

Gallery / Re: Noisy M33
« on: 2013 August 19 03:33:34 »
Nice shot for the contitions you had mentioned. Well done!

Gallery / Cocoon with ... dark nebula?
« on: 2013 August 19 03:23:58 »

Second image to share with.

The beautifull Cocoon and surrounding nebula. The dark Barnard nebula look nice brown.

Full data at Astrobin

Thanks to look at.

Gallery / VdB152 - The Urogallo Nebula
« on: 2013 August 18 23:11:32 »

I wish to share with you this photo I took at AstroAyna starparty in Spain.

Click on image to full data at Astrobin.


... and here, the comparison with a bird called Urogallo  :P

General / Re: Diamond shaped stars
« on: 2013 February 20 05:47:41 »
Could it be related to spikes introduced by the micro lenses of the sensor?
At least the Kodak 8300 is known to produce similar looking star shapes.

But this doesn't explain why you get round stars in other programs.



Gallery / Re: Elephant Trunk SHO
« on: 2012 November 17 13:52:41 »
Amazing detail and excellent stars!!!

General / Re: DSLR Flats Issue
« on: 2012 November 08 02:39:11 »
Hello, Chris,

I'm ussing a CCD QHY9 mono and I'm having  the same problem. My flats are 27000 counts.

May be some body can help us.


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