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General / Re: PixInsight keeps crashing
« on: 2010 January 01 13:19:36 »

(and, btw, a happy new year to everyone! :) )

there are good news: After restarting Windows without some additional drivers for Canon printers, Canon and Logitech cameras, Bluetooth, WLAN and other stuff I also killed some other background processes like Acronis schedduler or Avira virus scanner. And started PixInsight and processed my image successfully!

So, there is some collision with another application or tool. When I have time left I will search for this app.


General / Re: PixInsight keeps crashing
« on: 2009 December 30 10:03:02 »
Actually, PixInsight and a single image (48 MB!) don't eat up much memory. So there is much left. And, please note, that I did not experience such crashes with the former 1.0 to 1.2 releases. And at least, the crash occurs right immediately after starting some processing action (Apply, F5 or whatever). At that very moment it can't be anything about the memory - also my memory status monitor does not show any anomalies and lots of memory is left (both physical RAM and VM).
It looks like some kind of access violation or division by zero or whatever. Unfortunately, there is no log or trace.

Is there a way to turn on a trace for later evaluation of what happens?


General / Re: PixInsight keeps crashing
« on: 2009 December 30 08:33:48 »

the picture size is about 2,400 x 2,400 pixels. Regardless of the bit depth the application crashes.
When I tried to work with other images that I processed with earlier versions of PixInsight, it ends with the same result.
Un- and reinstalling PCL or PixInsight Core did not help either.
RAM is 2GB, HD space is about 200 GB.

General / PixInsight keeps crashing
« on: 2009 December 30 02:02:07 »

after a long period of absence I installed the current version of PixInsight from the scratch (on Windows XP SP3, 32bit).

Actually, I am working on a 32bit float grayscale TIFF image of the moon. But whenever I apply some (in fact: any) changes on the image the application vanishes completely. No error message, no log, nothing. It's gone.

Of course, I reset the configuration on the first start. The application starts just fine. Also the dialogs come up. But on Apply it's gone.


Any ideas about what happens?

With best regards,

Off-topic / Release date?
« on: 2007 June 27 06:22:18 »

are there any news about the release date?

I am dreaming of an application that can be used un-connected to the net with an automatic update service (get and install updates on-the-fly while running PixInsight). When will this be going to be reality?

With best regards,

Wish List / Deblooming and removing microlense artifacts
« on: 2006 September 28 01:42:05 »

when talking about image processing with other people it looks like that the most annoying thing are blooming and microlense artifacts.

My special wish is a highly sophisticated and efficient filter for removing those image artifacts.

Thanks and best regards,

General / When?!?
« on: 2006 September 28 01:17:03 »

I wonder when PixInsight 1.0 gets to be released.  When can I order it? What about a preorder?


General / Feature request
« on: 2005 March 17 17:55:51 »
Hello Juan,

there is one point regarding the user interface and previews:

Every time I start a processing sequenze I have to select which preview mode to use. This has to be done even if there is only preview mode defined or a particular preview mode is visible.

Wouldn't it be more handier to automatically select a preview if
 - only one preview mode is defined
 - one preview is visible but no previews modes are selected for preview?

Best regards,

General / Re: Feature request
« on: 2005 March 10 00:56:24 »
Hello Juan,

> [...]
> Of course you can do that. have a look at:

I should have known. :-)

Thanks a lot for the detailed response. I really appreciate your business and am looking forward to see the final product.

Yesterday I worked a little bit with PI LE and put some more features on my wishlist:

 - transfer functions for working on the histogramm (log, Gamma and others, maybe user defined transfer functions). In my opinion, this is a "must" for astronomical image processing applications.

- show corresponding pixel (in a noticeable color) when moving over the histogramm or selecting a range on the histogramm (helpful feature).

- select or mask a region based on a selection on the histogramm (cool feature).

BTW, some of the dialog windows ("File has been modified. Save it") contain clipped text.

Best regards,

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