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Yes, as I mentioned before, we've been having problems with Paypal's API, however, as I also mentioned, if your Paypal account was charged, you can trust you're on the pre-order list. If your account was NOT charged, then you're not. Apologies for any confusion.

I've updated the purchase page with the following note right above the purchase button, to avoid any confusion:

I've given up on Paypal's API for the time being (it's just not working as documented and Paypal isn't helping). I'll definitely revisit it - as someone said, the confirmation message from the vendor is important - but at this moment finishing the book has a much higher priority.

How are we looking on the timetable at this point?

So far we're on target (per the update I sent back in September) to send the book for print late November/early December. All preorders will receive an email around that time.


Announcements / Re: PixInsight 1.8.7 Released
« on: 2019 October 02 17:01:15 »
PixInsight 1.8.7 for Windows is compatible with Windows 10 exclusively. Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and older versions are not supported. The application may run well on Windows 7, but there is no guarantee.

Thank you for the update, Juan. What aspects of this release are only compatible with Windows 10?


Indeed, some emails (many, actually) apparently weren't sent correctly and failed. Apologies!

I'm planning on sending an email to all preorders within a week or two, also as an update, but the easiest way to know if you're in the preorder list is if your Paypal account was charged. If it was charged, you're in. If you were not charged, no purchase was made and you're not in the list.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your preorder! The book is still scheduled to go to print on September. Please note that going to print is not the same as "will be delivered". From print to delivery could take up to 4~8 weeks. Like I said, though, we're still on schedule, which is good!

As for the email, I did set an automated email to go out once the buyer automatically returns to my web site after completing the purchase from Paypal. It may have ended up on your spam folder, perhaps? I'll check to make sure those emails are going out just in case. Regardless, rest assured your pre-order was accounted for.


Regarding your first question, take a look at Global Preferences > Main Window /Startup. Keep "Expand favorites item at startup" and uncheck the undesired options.

There you go , thanks :)

When I start PixInsight, the default value for Quality in the RT-Preview window is "Smooth" - another value I find changing every time to "Maximum". Can this be saved from session to session, or a setting be created to define which quality the user wants by default? What is the advantage of having the default as smooth anyway? (legitimately curious, not a rhetorical question)

Last, what about the possibility of zooming in and out in the RT Preview window? I'd get rid of the image auto-fit as one resizes the RT-Preview window, and add a scaling parameter somewhere.


If you reduce it to some hundred people, then we may agree. To be more precise, less than 700 users, summing users from all Spanish speaking countries. This is a small fraction of the total amount of existing PixInsight users.

If PixInsight is fully internationalized, have you considered putting up a localization kit that would allow others to edit a localized resource/xml/etc file that YOU (not just anyone) can then add to the installation? I don't know how easily localizable the software is at this moment.. If when you started developing PixInsight you had l10n in mind as a possible future addition, you hopefully isolated text and other i18n resources from the code, then it's feasible. If you hardcoded a lot of strings, well, then it could be a monstrous job.

Thank you! At this moment my goal is, of course, to finish the book - in English. A translated version to Spanish might follow but it's too early to tell.

hello, will there be an e-book / kindle only version ?

Yes, there will be an ebook version (a PDF).


I'm 77, so, please don't delay the printing too much.  :D 

Thank you Steve! It *might* be earlier than September, but I don't want to promise anything  :smiley:


I started a purchase and got as far as the Paypal page, where the charge indicated was the flat $ what's the story with the "plus shipping"?    I'm slightly wary having been stung in the past with unexpectedly large P&P costs (to the UK)....

Shipping costs are different depending on whether it's domestic (USA) or international, so you see the shipping amount once Paypal knows where the book is going. Of course, you'll see the amount before you decide whether to make the purchase.

Domestic is 10 US$, Canada is 28 US$ and "Rest of the world" is 35 US$, which is insane, but that's the cheapest price you can find. I wish it was much cheaper.

PS: I'll make a note on the page so people know how much they should expect to pay for shipping.


Are there any sample pages available like they have on Amazon?

I will make some sample pages available when the book is finished. There's still a lot to do before that, though.


Great news Rogelio. I have ordered a copy. Just as a matter of interest, how many pages will the book run to?

Thank you Geoff! It's going to be a few hundred pages.

I would pre-order a printed copy to have on the bookshelf for reference purposes, but I would probably also need the e-book version to be able to get the font size up to about 72 so that I could actually read it!

Thank you Niall!

Actually, if you click on the link I shared, you'll see that the printed copy also comes with the PDF (at 300dpi).

And ALL pre-orders will be shipped signed too. It's all in the link :smiley:


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