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Gallery / M81/ M82 deep field
« on: 2009 March 11 01:05:22 »
Thanks for comment Max ;)


Gallery / M81/ M82 deep field
« on: 2009 March 10 15:29:58 »
Thanks Wade and Juan. Juan, we have applied your psm , thanks a lot :D
We have substituted the original image, by the noise reduced one.

Wade, here you have a "heavy stretched" image of our luminance data



Gallery / M81/ M82 deep field
« on: 2009 March 09 15:54:06 »

We would like to share with you our last photo. We have dedicated a lot of hours of acquisition (more than 14h) and many more in processing this image. In fact, from the beginning we had an idea of what objectives to achieve (well or at least we have tried :D ). First of all, to bring out as much detail of the IFN as possible, and at the same time, preserve small scale details in galaxies.  The image is the result of:

- 7 h in 900'' subexps for L
- 4:30 h in 600'' for RGB
- 3 h in 900'' subexps for Ha.

taken through baader filters with QSI540ws camera and FSQ106

here you have the image:

and at full size for details here:

We hope you like it ;)



New Scripts and Modules / Re: PreviewAggregator Script
« on: 2009 February 25 13:04:23 »
Quote from: "David Serrano"

On a side note, it's best that all previews have the same size, so the resulting image doesn't have any area with a black background. To achieve this, use the "Clone preview" button; it's in the Preview toolbar.

Good!  :wink:  Thanks for trick :D

It's great to view the effect of our prossesing on the galaxies all togather and quick   :P


Pues vaya David :(

yo pensaba que con view.image.selectedPoint y  view.image.selectedRect  funcionaría, bueno, lo siento pero tampoco se como :? Tendremos que ver si Juan nos ilumina ;)

Un saludo,

New Scripts and Modules / Re: PreviewAggregator Script
« on: 2009 February 23 14:31:55 »

I was playing a little with the sctipt,  IMHO there is something to improve, if you want to use it in conjunction with a mask, the script don't build an equivalent mask for the new image. An option is to clone all the previews to the mask and use the script again in order to have the equivalent mask,

why not implement this step in the script also?

General / New PC: biggest bang for the buck?
« on: 2009 February 23 08:22:23 »
Quote from: "Juan Conejero"

Not in the short term, but PixInsight will use GPU acceleration via CUDA. Hopefully this year we'll have some core routines well implemented through CUDA. Convolutions and FFTs are the main initial candidates. Then depending on how things evolve we'll implement more sophisticated algorithms.

CUDA is cross platform. There are excellent implementations for Linux/UNIX, OS X and Windows. I have already studied some CUDA example code, and Oriol is also working on this.

Indeed :D, I have been done some test with onedimensional convolutions and its a must have for PI ;): it seems that is better for you the nVidia card :D :D


New Scripts and Modules / Re: PreviewAggregator Script
« on: 2009 February 23 06:17:08 »
Hi David,

nice script, it is very useful :) Good work ;)


Bug Reports / ABE does not seem to apply the model
« on: 2009 February 23 06:15:36 »
Quote from: "Juan Conejero"
This tool deserves a C++ implementation as a module.

 :lol:  :lol:  :lol: yes... ok! I know that, I am late on my implementations, but  I have had a lot of work in these first months of the year, sorry for that Juan ;)

The good news, are, that in the implementation of the HdrComposition tool in C++ (is almost finished) I have written some useful classes to perform the background neutralitzaton, so is straighforward to have this module :D.


Gallery / ngc 2264
« on: 2009 February 18 01:44:00 »
Thanks for comment Vicent ;)

Sander give a try to this technique ;) Using StarMask, MorphologicalTransformation and ATW the scale separation is an easy task, and the results are much better than with others methods (curves, etc...) :)

Oriol & Ivette

Gallery / ngc 2264
« on: 2009 February 17 01:01:56 »
Thanks for the comments Juan and Sander  :wink:

Sander, what we've done for enhancing the contrast and gain information of the background was to separate image scales (see the section Multiway wavelets processing of Vicent's last tutorial The idea is more or less what follows:

- first to obtain a clone of the image
- then with a star mask, apply morphological filters until bright stars seem  dim
- Then, by means of a wavelet decomposition, removing until 8 pixels structures (well depending of the case, of course :D ) .... now you have the largest scales, they look as:

- Now, with a new cloned image you can subtract from the original one, the largest scales, but with the following norm:

small = (original-large)/(1-large)

- With this, you have now the smallest scales with pretty much conntrast
- In our cas, we have applied an histogram stretching and HDRWT for larger scales

- and curves for the smallest ones.
-After that, you can sum them all with an operation of the kind:


and re-scaling. The values for k1, k2, k3 depend on each person taste....
- So the final result is:

And, that's all.... we hope it can helps.....


Oriol & Ivette

Gallery / ngc 2264
« on: 2009 February 16 13:01:53 »

we have been trying to apply the second part of Vicent's tutorial, here is the result:

and full size:

We hope you like it!


Oriol & Ivette

Gallery / ngc 2264
« on: 2009 January 31 05:10:40 »
Thanks for your comments Gabri, Jack and Wade.

Gabri, indeed we're still working on it. Even though we have obtained a good profile for the stars, there are still details that (we think) need to be enhanced.

Wade, you're right!.  It has been very difficult to have all the details of the Ha plus the stars and reflexion nebulae of the continuum (and we think we're not yet). Probably, as you've said,  the wider the image image field, the harder the work, because you will have a lot of stars and different nebulae, etc. Anyway, we're still trying to apply the whole method with success in this image :? .  
If we finally have a new version we will post it!



Gracias por vuestros comentarios, Gabri, Jack y Wade

Gabri, de hecho aun estamos trabajando sobre la imagen. Aunque hemos obtenido un buen perfil para las estrellas (y con el cual estamos bastante satisfechos) pensamos que aun ha detalles por pulir y resaltar.

Wade, tienes razon, ha sido muy complicado tener una buena combinación del Ha, con las estrellas y las nebulosas de reflexion de la zona del contínuo (y aun no estamos del todo). Probablemente mientras más grande sea el campo abarcado más dificil de conseguir porque hay mas estrellas y diferentes tipos de nebulosas. De todas maneras aun estamos intentando aplicar el tutorial en su totalidad  en esta imagen con éxito. Si finalmente obtenemos una imagen que nos satisfaga, ya la colgaremos :D


Gallery / ngc 2264
« on: 2009 January 28 13:45:37 »
Hi folks,

Last night we have been imaging in Ha to the Cone nebula and the Christmas tree region from our home. We have been nicely surprised due to the high amount of signal even with light pollution. We have combined this Ha with the RGB, here you have the results ;)

and full size:

We hope you like it!


Oriol & Ivette

General / ¿Cómo puedo hacer un simple Cut&Paste con PI?
« on: 2009 January 18 09:35:44 »
Gracias Daniel, pero el tema no tiene mucho mérito..., a ver si terminamos un pequeño tutorial que teníamos del tema y veras que con muy poco ya se pueden hacer muchas cositas ;)

Dejo una nueva versión:

ahora se pueden hacer ademas del máximo, el mínimo y el average, seguro que hay más operaciones que serian interesantes, a ver si en otro ratito se ponen :)

Un saludo,

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