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OK, guys. I havan't managed to reproduce the problem and now my calibration is fine no matter what. Moral of this story seems to be, if you're confronted with poor calibration just retake your calibration subs.

I retook darks and managed to get rid of the starburst. It certainly wasn't during the same camera uptime as lights. Now I'll try to take wrong darks.

There are only two things I did diferently now. I took them during night time and used usb3 instead of usb2. So originally maybe some light managed to get through or there is some weird usb3 vs. usb2 issue. Or it's completely random. We'll see.

I'm doing some more investagtion to this. I'll come back soon.


I was unable to find a solution even though went through relevant posts so trying again. Have actually anybody who was asking this question been able to get rid of the damn starburst?

I integrated master dark using this , my exposure time (240s), gain (200), temperature (-10C) were always the same, 40 dark subs. In order to isolate the problem I did not use bias nor flats. I tried all the combinations in ImageCalibration settings. Turning off calibration and optimization only reduced the flare, didn't remove it however. I even tried non integrated flat sub with the same result. Only significant difference was final noise. The only solution I was able to find was don't use PixInsight..

thank you

This is basically the same problem is this one>

If anybody from pixinsight team wanted to have a look at this I could provide all the data.

General / Re: Dark File Woes from Altair Hypercam 183CProTec
« on: 2019 April 18 02:01:11 »
I doubt that amp glow is the cause. Looks more like the flare from an out of field star—probably one of the belt stars. In which case darks won’t do anything.

No it's not. It is real cmos starburst. And it looks like there is a problem in pixinsigth or my workflow. But I can't even find any new relevant switches I haven't tried already.

It would be nice if someone from inside pleiades astrophoto took a look on this. This is not only my problem judging from other posts on the internet. Common advices are do not use PixInsight...

General / Re: Dark File Woes from Altair Hypercam 183CProTec
« on: 2019 April 17 15:17:19 »
The same problem here. I tried everything. When optimization and calibration is turned off it only helps a bit. Doesn't remove the starburst completely however. I tried it just with darks and lights. exposure time, gain, temperature was the same.

This did help.

thank you very much

And one last thing. The behaviour is the same regardless whether I use internal or external 4k display.

Normal system scaling appears to work correctly but app is blurred and menus are weirdly spaced, etc

And when I force windows to scale it (enhanced), then it looks fine, but when I click outside the blink window it does several weird things. See pictures attached

It doesn't scale at all. Please find attached picture. Device: Surface Pro 6.

Common guys, it's 2019 :(

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