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General / stored in a process container
« on: 2019 March 29 01:41:30 »
process to many images


I have a process (stored in a process container), and  would like to apply it to *all* images in a directory (i.e. load image, apply process, store result). I am sure this can be done with a Java Script script.
- I need to avoid loading all images at once. Otherwise, Windows just gives up...
- I just dont know how to script that.

Any hints welcome.


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Winner of the category of objects in the solar system / LoveJoy C / 2014 Q2 / Photographers: Wittaya Srichai

Caption of photography techniques of the photographer

Take a picture of Prime Focus, shoot for 120 seconds each, total of 13 images, total exposure time of 26 minutes, Pre-process with PixInsight program, and adjust the final step with PixInsight and Photoshop. Combining the stars behind them to be the limit, must be adjusted to make the star a point and use Dark, Flat, Bias for image calibration.

Photographic equipment
Camera Nikon D750 Refractor Telescope 130 mm.

This special image
For images of LoveJoy C / 2014 Q2 comet LoveJoy is considered a comet with beautiful dust tails. And can be observed with the naked eye Arranged as a long period comet With blue-green color In which shooting the comet In fact, the comet has a constant rate of movement in the sky. Which has a faster rate of movement than the motion of a star, background, or sky sphere In the shooting of the comet, how to turn on the camera Including the process of shooting that is somewhat different from shooting general sky objects

In addition, in the processing of each comet image taken continuously The position of the comet in each image will be moved differently from the background star. Causing the need to use the technique of photo manipulation used especially for comets Which at this point is considered an important part of the photographers who need to study and learn reasonably From that image, the photographer can explain the various principles of photography in full. Together with the comet photos, can show the details of the dust tail beautifully and used in learning about comets as well

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