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Wish List / User interface
« on: 2018 December 18 08:21:27 »
Being a new unexperienced PI user, I found some possible improvement potential :

- If you have many layers in ATrousWaveletTransform and you want to test turning them on and off, it takes a lot of mouse clicking (turn on = double-click, and turn off = double-click). It is a good thing that we can scroll up/down the list with the up/down arrow keys, just let us toggle on/off with the spacebar please.

- With many samples in DBE, I would like to propose this way of navigating and controlling them :
  • Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys for navigating to the neighbouring sample
  • Shift Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys for nudging the current sample to a new position (progressively faster nudge for longer keypress)
  • A brush (like Photoshop´s eraser tool) to erase multiple unwanted samples

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