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Bug Reports / Re: Double Click in XISF-file starts PI installer
« on: 2020 February 14 11:41:52 »
Uninstalled v1.8.8-4
Restart Windows
Re-install v1.8.8-4 package

Solved  ????

Bug Reports / Re: Double Click in XISF-file starts PI installer
« on: 2020 February 14 11:01:09 »

same thing for me if I try to double-click on an .xpsm, .xisf or .xosm file. Worked perfectly with older versions of Pixinsight, I used to open directly my favorite .xosm file.
Fits files are ok

In this example, I try to open "perso.xpsm" ant the installer wait for 1.8.8-3 version.

I use Windows 10 - Pixinsight 1.8.8-4, both up to date

Nothing serious but I take this opportunity to testify

Thanks :)

New Scripts and Modules / Re: SHO-AIP Script Is Back
« on: 2020 February 10 06:02:39 »
Humm ok. I'm french so if I can help...

I don't know wich videos have been translated, sorry

New Scripts and Modules / Re: SHO-AIP Script Is Back
« on: 2020 February 10 00:19:38 »
I am asking for help from anybody who regularly uses the SHO-AIP script.

Do any of you have any written information or transcripts of the French videos that they can send me as I am trying to create SHO-AIP documentation to include with the script.

Anything you have would be helpful.......thanks

Hi, thank you for the job.
I don't understand your question, could you say more about thoses videos  ?

Bug Reports / Re: Translucent frames
« on: 2019 December 15 02:03:49 »
Many thanks Juan and the Pixinsight's team for your job, hunting bugs is not an easy task and need a lot of time.

Today, with the v1.8.8-3, my bug was solved so it probably was an openGL bug with my MSI GTX970 card and its driver or the effect of manual desintallation

No more unreadables translucents frames  ;D

Because with BayerDrizzle, there is no interpolation.
BayerDrizzle will use subs before debayer. We debayer them only for alignment.

I usually use it with scale=1 and Drop Shrink=1

General / Re: Photometric Colour Calibration
« on: 2019 November 09 01:49:33 »
You're right, probably too early to conclude. It was just a question about our respective experiences.
Let's check the Vizier's servers

General / Re: Photometric Colour Calibration
« on: 2019 November 08 23:45:39 »
Yes I do.
Since the 1.8.8 version.

Try UCAC3 catalog

General / Re: Calibration - Master Bias Vs Dark flats
« on: 2019 November 03 23:24:59 »

General / Re: Starnet Installation Problem (Checkpoint error)
« on: 2019 November 03 23:23:59 »

Well known bug
"Open the Process Console and paste the following command:

cd "C:/Program Files/PixInsight/bin"

After that, StarNet will work. I will address this issue in the next version."

General / Re: Masked stretch and big star appearance
« on: 2019 September 18 12:07:36 »
I have the same problem (Canon EOS), especially after a SPF deconvolution.
I use the method above.
Actually, I mix MaskedStretch and HistogramTransformation

Thanks for the idea of convolution on the stars :)

General / Re: Processing STC Dual band filter images
« on: 2019 August 11 12:59:51 »
I've seen this filter recently and I'd love to enhance an RVB picture with Ha and/or OIII. Not for imaging directly.

General / Re: DSLR - Cosmetic Correction and Dithering
« on: 2019 July 30 23:09:09 »
Yes !
You still have hot or deviant pixels after the masterdark substraction

Same thing !
Unable to reproduce error

Good job bulrichl

Perhaps should we analyse a flat rather than the masterflat ?

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