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Announcements / Re: PixInsight Released
« on: 2019 May 15 11:34:24 »
Hello Wouter,

as this is a major update you will need to download it manually from the SW repository,


Hello PI team,

Unfortunately I have the very same issue:
In the beginning it worked all fine. But since about two days ago I do get the very same error message though when running SubframeSelector, and no graph is being displayed subsequently after analysis is done:

Mac OS X 10.13.6
Pixinsight Core Ripley (x86)

Thanks for looking into this

Announcements / Re: PixInsight 1.8.6 Ripley Released
« on: 2018 December 16 14:52:39 »
Looks like everyone is trying to download the new version.
I say patience...  ;)

General / Re: Flat frames for OSC images
« on: 2018 November 03 05:10:22 »
Hello Rob, Niall,

thank you very much for your advices!

One more thing: I am not really sure whether my light source is ideal (I am using a Geoptik flat field box, illuminated by LED).
What are you using as light source for your flat frames?


General / Re: Flat frames for OSC images
« on: 2018 October 31 12:24:07 »
Hello Rob,

yes, this is the histogram of an unstretched, still-linear flat that was debayered in Pixinsight.

Thanks for your remarks.
So, next time I have to make sure that green is in the middle, with red and blue being off the left edge. Right?
I usually shoot 20 flat frames for a master flat, so in the future maybe more.


General / Re: Flat frames for OSC images
« on: 2018 October 31 12:05:35 »
Hi Rob,

thanks for the super fast answer!

I do not know though if I understand "weakest channel is well-exposed" correctly.

I attached the histogram of my image.
Red and blue are well in the middle, but green as at the edge.
Was my exposure time too long?


General / Flat frames for OSC images
« on: 2018 October 31 11:13:09 »
Hello all,

I am shooting my images with an OSC ("one shot color") camera (ZWO ASI071MC Pro).

I have some doubts whether I am applying my flat frames correctly.
White images coming directly from the camera have a strong greenish color, as they are not white calibrated yet, so also all my flats (taken with a pure white flat field box) are quite greenish.

I have now three options:
- take the flat frames as they are (greenish) and apply them in Pixinsight. I doubt that this will lead to good pictures.
- color calibrate the flat frames before applying them. (how?)
- shoot flat frames in black&white mode (this is possible e.g. in Sharpcap)

So far I used option 3, but I do not known if this is a good idea to apply a black&white flat frame to a color image.

Anyone any ideas?
How do you process your OSC images with flat frames?


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