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General / Re: Dark Frame Optimization Algorithm
« on: 2017 June 04 09:59:46 »
I use modded Canon XSi and T3i cameras.  I am using the trial PI to look at some data processed by ImagesPlus (IP) and PS3. I did not dither, but I took all the lights, darks and flat, within a four hour window. Flats were taken using an EL plate.  IP stacked 15 in the final image whereas PI stacked only 6.

In PI I received many errors about incompatibility of darks during calibration. The same happened with the flats. Then only six lights were stacked 

My question is what to do?  If the darks and flats were taken one after another as rapidly as possible, what more can a person do to obtain darks and flats which won't cause errors?  In a non-cooled DSLR, the temperature will naturally rise. If this is the problem, one might just forget darks and go to dithering.

Finally, does the lack of good darks and flats have anything to do with the rejection of lights in PI?

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