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Bug Reports / Re: new version problem.
« on: 2020 February 04 03:58:27 »
Plus the latest version is 1.8.8-4


Bug Reports / Re: Number of characters in file name
« on: 2020 February 03 05:09:27 »
Please open only one topic for similar problems. See

for my answer.


Bug Reports / Re: Number of characters in file name
« on: 2020 February 03 05:05:10 »
The allowed number of characters in a file name is determined by your operating system, not by PixInsight.


The ZWO website states that they are out of office until January 31 due to the Chines new year. I suppose you will receive an answer from them after that.


Sorry to hear about your problems BobLa. For me PixInsight starts fine after I reboot my MacBook running Catalina.


General / Re: Latest Undocumented Feature... App Crash!
« on: 2020 January 24 18:11:40 »
There were problems with macOS, not iOS. The newest versions of macOS are supported, not older ones. Similarly, Windows 7 is not supported but Windows 10 is.

To my best of knowledge, raw RGB images contain a FITS keyword that indicates the Bayer pattern OR are DSLR raw images (CR2, CR3, etc). Once PI has processed them, they will be XSIF images (unless, with all due respect, the user is stubborn). The un-deBayered XSIF images contain a Bayer keyword as well which IIRC gets removed once the image has been deBayered.

This all falls apart of course if the PI user decides to do all in JPEG or another image format other than the RAW formats but in my humble opinion those users need to be educated anyway.


Wouldn't it be better to make deBayer throw an error when trying to use it on already-deBayered images instead if possible?


Gallery / Re: Orion’s Belt
« on: 2020 January 19 11:32:21 »
Indeed. This one works

Great pic again!

Announcements / Re: PixInsight 1.8.8-4 Released
« on: 2020 January 16 04:18:30 »
Thanks Juan. FYI I downloaded and installed the version with the workaround for MacOS and do not experience any problems.


General / Re: Suitable RAM amount
« on: 2019 December 12 06:36:55 »
Well, it is a recommendation, not a practical limit, so it certainly is true. But it also says that PI can run with less memory. As a matter of fact, the minimum required amount of RAM, according to that page, is 8 GiB and the minimum reasonable amount is 16 GiB.


Gallery / Re: Auriga Wide Field
« on: 2019 December 11 02:28:24 »
WOOOOOWWWW stunning image Ron!

General / Re: 1800 second Lights do not calibrate
« on: 2019 November 28 00:46:37 »
You probably checked this already but are the binning and gain+offset or ISO (depending on which camera you used) the same for the SII darks and lights? You mention hot pixels only so that's why I ask about darks only and not about flats.

Clear skies, Wouter

Announcements / Re: PixInsight 1.8.8 Released
« on: 2019 November 08 00:58:25 »
Thanks very much for this update Juan. One minor comment. The file startup.scp still states as the bottom

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// /PixInsight/etc/startup/startup.scp
// Released 2018 OCT 14

Perhaps this could be updated with each new version?


Tutorials and Processing Examples / Re:
« on: 2019 October 29 00:38:21 »
Thanks, that looks really great, well done! One suggestion though. On the LRGB Processing page I see this warning

Please Note- you must be running the latest version of PixInsight, for the provided icon set to work!

Perhaps state the actual version used or the minimum version needed instead, since the icon sets are bound to change over time and you probably won't have time to update all videos accordingly. Or is that exactly what you intend to do?

Thanks again, Wouter

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