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I should add that I did reboot my computer and have reinstalled the latest version as a "repair" but it is still all black.


Juan, et al - I (also in Canada) am having this same problem - the newest release PI boots up with a totally black screen. If I move the mouse to the top of the screen and click where the menu titles should be, they appear. But nothing else is accessible. If I double click on the background, I'm offered the file-open window. I select a file recently processed in PI and I can tell it opened it but I can't see it. Moving the cursor around tells me there is something on the screen but all is black. I managed to load my process icons and again, I can tell they are there but they are black on black. I am running an i7 Dell XPS laptop with W'7 home that is fully up to date and this all started when I loaded the latest release of PI. Everything else on the computer is still working fine.

Stuart (northwest of Oakville)

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