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Announcements / Re: PixInsight 1.8.7 Released
« on: 2019 October 13 10:09:31 »
Is it intentional that there is no splash screen in Windows 10 any more?  Or is that a symptom of having only Intel graphics?

For some time I've been using and refining my own version of the BatchPreprocessing script, with the following changes:
  - Has the ability to use bias frames as flat darks.  In DSLR photography, these are essentially the same and I use the same files for both.
  - Has the ability to apply a simple cosmetic correction without creating a process instance in advance.
  - Minor refinements to some error messages.

It is called BatchPreprocessingFD and is not quite in sync with the latest version of BatchPreprocessing, but I gladly offer it to the developers of PixInsight if they want to take features from it and add them to BatchPreprocessing. 

Available at:

Bug Reports / Re: Two UI wishes
« on: 2018 August 01 07:15:45 »

Bug Reports / Two UI wishes
« on: 2018 July 29 10:37:27 »
These are wishes rather than bug reports.

(1) When a file is opened by right-clicking "Open With..." "PixInsight" (under Windows), PixInsight opens up with the process console on top of the picture.  Unless you think to minimize the process console, it is not obvious that the picture has been opened, since it's completely hidden.  I wonder if the process console should auto-minimize or the picture should open up in a different position on the screen.

(2) The defaults for saving as TIF are presently no compression, include alpha channel.  I have to change these every single time.  How about ZIP compression and no alpha channel if no alpha channel has been utilized?

Bug Reports / "Shared image reference" crashes
« on: 2018 July 29 10:35:02 »
I have been getting crashes with "Invalid shared image reference" or words to that effect, but so far, they have eluded my attempts to reproduce them.  They come after sessions in which I open a TIF file, work on it with at least 2 tools both using Real-Time Preview, save it under another name as TIF, and close it (getting the warning that although the image has not been modified since saving, there are unsaved process instances).  I understand that warning, click "yes," and then occasionally get the "shared image reference" crash.

If this is not a known problem I will be glad to investigate further.

No; I was thinking of DSLR users and did not provide for that grouping.

On the other hand, if the pre-existing code already provided for it, maybe it still works.  I just did not give it any thought at all, and the way it works is no longer fresh in my mind.

Instructions are included.  Unzip it and read the README file.

(Sorry it took me so long to answer this; I've been out of town.)

General / Re: SplitCFA "Invalid odd image dimension"
« on: 2018 March 05 21:28:39 »
I would like to see this bug fixed, as it is an obstacle to narrowband work with the Canon 60Da -- when using a deep red filter I only want the red pixels.

OK, try this one.  I had actually misspelled the name of a saved parameter.  Oops! :)

Also, now the parameter space for BatchPreprocessingFD is separate from BatchPreprocessing so that their remembered settings will not influence each other.

Thanks for bearing with me, and for the bug report!

OK, I've reproduced it.  The original BatchPreprocessing script will start from a process icon; mine won't, and it gives the error message you describe, which is very cryptic.  In fact almost nothing else has to be done to reproduce the error; no settings affect it.  Even starting up completely empty from a process icon is enough.

I think it is because my BatchPreprocessingFD script shares its parameter space with BatchPreprocessing.  I need to give it a separate parameter space in which to save its settings. 

Thanks very much for the bug report!

Can you give me step-by-step instructions to reproduce the error message?  Does it occur only when no frames have been put in as bias?

I think it will work as you describe.  If you are not using bias, there is no reason to use my script rather than the original one.

If you are still getting the error message, please tell me exactly what you are doing that leads to it, and whether the original script has the same problem.


Ok...that makes sense...especially if I read the pop up more carefully :-[

A question the master bias subtracted from the master dark (I create the master dark manually outside of the BPP script)?


I just checked, and as far as I can tell, the master dark is not bias-subtracted.  This information is in the log that is written during processing.

Ah.  "Bias frames are flat darks" means you have put flat darks in the bias tab.  I may need to add a pop-up message.

Did you put any frames in the bias frames tab?  If so, what?

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