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Image Processing Challenges / Re: Help with M13
« on: 2019 May 31 14:41:53 »
You'll slowly learn how to work.
He's still working on the acquisition, to be a better focus.
The picture has noise, and I put a little processing to see what it looks like.
Find tutorials How to proceed, there are many.

Off-topic / Re: Moving from DSLR to LRGB & NB imaging
« on: 2018 December 29 12:30:15 »
Quote from: John_Gill

Hi. You can try this.


Clear sky.

If you have instaled PixInsight before to by it, you must to unystall trial key. C/User, and in folder how is you Pc named, you will find trial key.
Delete this key, install again and insert your key.

Have an good day.

General / Re: Problem with PixInsight Trial ..
« on: 2018 August 02 06:45:46 »
Yes, I uninstalled even before I got the trial key.  And then I uninstalled everything again and reinstalled again just to be sure.  But I'm dead in the water at this point.  And still no communication from them.

After the unistal, go to C/User/Name of your Laptop, PC and delete PixInsight license, and install again. This will work.

General / Re: Problem with PixInsight Trial ..
« on: 2018 August 01 09:52:48 »
Trial License
You can try out the PixInsight Platform at no charge for 45 days. This allows you to test our software out and experience the same power and flexibility as commercial users. During the 45-day trial period, you'll be eligible for email support and online software updates.

Our trial license grants you access to a full-featured, fully functional version of the PixInsight platform. You don't have to worry about watermarks in saved images, limited image dimensions, disabled program features and similar restrictions imposed by other softwares. What you try out is exactly the same product that you can purchase later.

Read here.

General / Re: Drizzle Integration not working as before
« on: 2017 August 08 07:35:40 »

Here is how i have made this.
First step, i,m using script batch preprocesing, and add flat, bias, dark, and light, after all proces is done,  in folder generated by Batch Preprocesing. You have some image, step by step.

General / Re: Drizzle Integration not working as before
« on: 2017 August 08 07:05:01 »
Drizzle Integration is working ok. I have integrated with new version 1.8.5 on M 101 and is ok.

Maybe you have miss something.

General / Re: Some issues in latest PI release
« on: 2017 August 05 11:20:16 »
The problem with Luminance extract can be solved like in image, and is an easy way.

General / Re: Some issues in latest PI release
« on: 2017 August 05 03:46:52 »
I have unistaled old version of Pi, reinstaled new version, and button Luminance extract is missing.

General / Re: scripts AnnotateImage
« on: 2017 April 15 13:34:18 »

I have done this image.

General / scripts AnnotateImage
« on: 2017 April 15 04:42:14 »
Where i can find this script? scripts AnnotateImage like in first image.
I have find only simple Annotation in secont image


Bug Reports / Re: Network error: HTTP response code = 302
« on: 2017 March 26 08:34:04 »

General / Re: Network error, timed out
« on: 2017 March 14 02:47:09 »
You have this error because your internet network have an problem.

General / Re: Need some help with DBE
« on: 2017 January 22 03:52:52 »
In image below you have an example, and i think you can understand the proces to help you.


Hi. Yes, it's a good PixInsight processing program. And I bought the program, and you can do anything after getting images to the final image. Do not be discouraged at first, because once you understand the program, will not be tempted to stop working with another program. A good source to process images is below.

Here you have a lot of brute image, LRGB, NarowBand etc.

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