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Announcements / Re: New INDIClient Module Released
« on: 2016 May 14 04:02:43 »
I like the sound of this and understand it could go a long way in the future. It would be great to see Pixinsight containing the whole package of image acquisition and image processing some day.

But can you clear a few things up before i download please. Does Pixinsight have to be running in order for the INDIClient module to run or is it a separate program? I only wonder as i run PI on my 64bit desktop for processing and use a 32bit laptop for imaging. And if i am right in saying that PI doesnt work on 32bit (?) then does this mean i need to acquire a 64bit imaging laptop to replace my 32bit in order to install PI and get the new module to work?

Hope that made sense!

General / Re: Using Red and Blue to create a synthetic Green?
« on: 2015 December 25 11:22:42 »
Hi Mike,

You may be right about not really being able to create the green, this is new to me but i thought i had heard about it in the past. Other than the gradient your SG has introduced, it seems to have worked well for the star clusters color. I cant seem to get your process to work for me. Did you work with linear images? Is the Pixel math a simple L-R?


General / Using Red and Blue to create a synthetic Green?
« on: 2015 December 24 08:21:42 »
Hi guys,

After a 6 month hiatus from imaging i managed to capture some data. Unfortunately its only L, R and B. Put simply, how to i combine my grayscale R and B images to make my G. Btw i know creating synthetic green is frowned upon by some but i wont get another chance to image for a few weeks at least now so thought this can be a learning experience. I have looked at some tutorials but they are all different and deal only in narrowband, i just can seem to make anyhthing work.

Any tips would be welcomed!

Thanks and Merry Christmas

Retaining and showing off a rich field of colorful stars was one of the first things that got me hooked on PI. I used another well know bit of software for over a year and always ended up with bloated, white blobs! I'm glad you have taken the time here to put the matter to bed.


General / Re: Increased noise after DBE?
« on: 2015 May 31 08:07:57 »
You must adjust your STF settings after the autostretch, i always find it will over stretch and image after an adjustment like DBE has been made and the STF re-applied. There is probably a reason but i am almost certain i wouldnt understand it!


General / Re: Background Pattern in DLSR Preprocessing
« on: 2015 May 20 12:05:07 »
I had this issue once last year with my DSLR. I didnt change a thing, it just fixed itself and never happened again. You may be as lucky!


General / Re: Flats Over-correcting?
« on: 2015 May 14 23:14:16 »
You may have just hit the nail on the head there! :)

I leave my refractors dew shield fully extended when taking flats, this may be the issue as it leaves about 15cm between the lens and the light source. I will have to wait for a break in the weather to go out any try some with it retracted.

Its funny, if this is the cause, i actually learned this lesson a couple years back with my EF200L lens, that flats without the lens hood on were the way to go. Somehow when i bought my frac i just didnt carry that info over, although my DSLR didnt seem to mind too much.

I'll take some new flats asap and update how i get on!

General / Re: Flats Over-correcting?
« on: 2015 May 14 12:39:24 »
The more i think about it the more i think the flats are off. Looking at the single light subs its hard to see any serious gradients which makes me think i do in fact have a reasonably flat field. When the images are stacked however a gradient does become a bit more noticeable in each corner but nothing that even a quick dose of ABE cant deal with.

I dont see how the light source could be un-even though. The light had to make it through 3 layers of fabric, 2 white, 1 black. I would of thought it would disperse the light evenly enough?

General / Re: Flats Over-correcting?
« on: 2015 May 14 08:19:55 »
Hi Mike, thanks for the effort!

The single light frames are uncalibrated, calibrated images are moved to a separate folder and labeled accordingly. You can still see all the hot pixels ect in the single subs. I am lucky enough to have a fairly flat field that doesnt really need flats for correcting if it wasnt for removing dust bunnies! I must of accidentally left 6 test flats in the folder, thats what those bright and dark frames are.

The brightness difference of the light frames is just caused by the actual darkness of the night sky, i have always just thrown all the subs into a stack regardless of the brightness. As for star shapes, this is not going to be the final image, this is just to see what the data looked like, the plan is to sink around 50 hours into this image if i can sort the issues out.

I wonder if its the flats themselves? Being new to CCD imaging i have found taking flats to be extremely difficult compared to DSLR. I use a white screen and tshirt method, always have. But with the CCD i have to fold the white tshirt over twice, then put a black tshirt over and set my flat panel to its lowest brightness otherwise the frames are pure white, even with 1 second exposures! Its like the CCD is too sensitive. Can anybody comment on this? I have never heard of anyone using a black tshirt for flats, but i just cant do it any other way.



General / Re: Flats Over-correcting?
« on: 2015 May 13 23:08:19 »
Hi Mike,

Here is the link to the Google Drive files:

Hopefully that works, its not as easy as it should be to share a file like this with Drive. let me know if you run into any difficulties attempting to download.


General / Re: Flats Over-correcting?
« on: 2015 May 13 12:43:36 »
Hi Jim,

I wouldnt of thought our hardware would cause issues with the stack, but i could be wrong. Look forward to seeing what you find if you get to the root of the issue.


General / Re: Flats Over-correcting?
« on: 2015 May 13 11:56:17 »
I have been trying and i just cant get a result like you have unless i use the jpegs as you have. Cant get my head around it. I am not very clued up on the technical workings of PI so dont know why it works like this.

Any other ideas would be great!


General / Re: Flats Over-correcting?
« on: 2015 May 12 14:30:24 »
Thanks Mike,

Its getting late here, i'll run them through ImageIntegration tomorrow with the FITS and see what kind of result i can get. Would be good to get to the root of the issue.


General / Re: Flats Over-correcting?
« on: 2015 May 12 14:00:36 »
Hi Mike, thanks for looking

It looks like the image hasnt been over-corrected which is good but it doesnt appear to have removed the large dust bunnies in the image? The galaxy also appears to have lost all contrast.

Any ideas why that has happened?


General / Flats Over-correcting?
« on: 2015 May 12 12:33:42 »
Hi, i have just entered the CCD world and am having a little difficulty with flats. They seem to be over correcting my images. I am not sure if this is a problem with the flats exposure or if its me missing something when stacking. This is something i never had a problem with when using a DSLR.

At the moment i am just using the BatchPreProcessing script. The single flat frames themselves look good. Any ideas are welcome, i will provide as much info as i can to help iron out the issue. Below i have included a master flat, image with flat correction and image without flat correction.


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