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Title: Hubble Legacy Archive
Post by: martelman on 2013 October 23 09:22:19
One incredible way to practice processing when it's rainy, windy, foggy, cloudy for days: the hubble legacy archive!!!!!

Here is M51. The details added with deconvolution are incredible. I do it in the linear date on the part with the most SNR with external PSF and local deringing support.

Title: Re: Hubble Legacy Archive
Post by: marekc on 2013 October 23 11:51:38
That's a really nice M51!

At this year's AIC conference, Rob Gendler gave a talk about processing HLA data. I found it really interesting, and I'd say inspiring, too. It made me want to dig into some HLA data and work on them.

He gave some recommendations for potential first projects, one of which was NGC 253. I've been playing around with some of the HST ACS data on that, although I'm still trying to figure out how he got the colors that he did. There are basically B, R, and IR data for NGC 253. He used all three, but I've been trying to come up with a synthetic-green method, kind of like Davide De Martin does with DSS data. So far my HII regions all come out yellow. I'm still scratching my head as to what to do.

On another HLA-related thread here on the PI Forum, I complained about HLA images being noisy. That's probably true in some cases, but upon looking closely at the NGC 253 data, I think some of what I thought was noise was actually resolved stars! That was a `wow' moment, if I'm right about it.

At any rate, after hearing Gendler's talk, my interest in processing HLA (and DSS, etc) data certainly increased!

- Marek
Title: Re: Hubble Legacy Archive
Post by: martelman on 2013 October 23 12:03:47
I figured out the same thing when i gave shot at some HLA data. The resolution is crazy. After deconvolution I thought I was bringing noise from the R layer, then I looked carefully...STARS!!! Let's say it's something I'm not used to with the images I take ;)

HLA is a great way to improve your skills in processing data.
Title: Re: Hubble Legacy Archive
Post by: Josh Lake on 2013 October 23 12:23:08
As contestant (and winner!) of the Hubble's Hidden Treasures Contest, I wholeheartedly endorse this message! It's interesting data to work with, missing many of the problems we usually have to account for. The Archive's 'footprints' tool is very cool, and once you get used to the interface, it's pretty easy to find good data to work with.

I recommend the complementary use of WikiSky's (http://www.wikisky.org/) Astro Photo Survey to find good WFPC-2 and ACS fields that have been processed by not necessarily 'finished' by the Hubble team. Click the DSS 'button' at the top left to pick the Wikisky view for astro photos.

Definitely try the Antennae Galaxies at some point, I love that data set.