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Title: Correcting motion-burred image
Post by: astroedo on 2019 November 16 03:09:07
Hi all,

I've got a very good set of H alpha images.
Unfortunately they show a strong motion blur due to inaccurate guiding.

I would be devastated at the thought of throwing away such shots  :D , so I've tried to correct them using deconvolution, with either motion blur PSF or with an elliptical gaussian PSF or, finally, with a syntetic PSF from DynamicPSF (obviously at linear stage).

Unfortunately I cannot get a set of parameters to reach a decent result.
Any ideas?

You can download this image here  https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApJyN_rKDlSZ1WEqJ6anNcFhb27l?e=87gvJg