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Title: Automatically create output folders
Post by: wvanreeven on 2019 May 16 00:30:47

Processes like ImageCalibration, CosmicCorrection and StarAlignment allow for outputting the processed files in a selected directory. Currently these output directories need to exist in order for the process to work correctly. However, when processing images taken with multiple filters (L, R, G, B and Ha in my case) it would be very handy if the process could create the directories if they don't exist. I always keep the files for the individual filters in separate directories in order not to mix up the files and mistakenly add e.g. green filter lights to the ImageIntegration run for the blue filter. Prior to invoking the process (either by clicking the circle button or pressing F6) one could then clear the list of target frames, add new ones, manually change the output directory and hit F6.

This of course now can be achieved by actually creating the directories beforehand but this is cumbersome and error prone. Thanks very much in advance for considering this.

Clear skies, Wouter