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Title: Need halo replacement script that utilizes non-haloed stars from another image
Post by: CCDer on 2019 March 20 18:15:22
I'm thinking about writing a script to replace haloed stars in one image with non-haloed stars in another image. The script would scan a star mask showing the halos, determine the center and perimeter of the circle to be replaced, and then pull the pixels from the source, scaling them to a best fit for the target. The source and target would be monochrome, linear fit images, star aligned on the same target for the same filter, but not necessarily integrated from the same number of images.

This would be extremely useful for dealing with CMOS cameras that produce halos when two different cameras, one with halos and one without, are used on the same target. The halos produced by one camera could be replaced with non-haloed stars from the second.

Is there already any script with anything similar for this type of operation?