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Title: Re: PixInsight Released
Post by: boelaars on 2019 February 04 01:46:13
The program still completely stalls and crashes the system when using LocalNormalization with Parallel Processing switched on in Global Preferences. It crashes the system so hard that Activity Monitor doesn't even monitor anything anymore the moment the process is started.

This (still) stretches processing time out by hours :'(

On macOS Mojave 10.14 with 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 and 16GB RAM.
Title: Re: PixInsight Released
Post by: Juan Conejero on 2019 February 04 04:36:56
We cannot reproduce this on any of our working and testing machines, on any supported platform. Unless you can upload a data set where we can reproduce this problem (and then hopefully understand and fix it), this is a machine-specific issue.

If this problem happens on a MacBook Pro, especially a 2018 model, chances are that you are facing the same thermal issue we have been analyzing in other forum threads:


If this is what happens in this case, please note that PixInsight is not causing this problem. Our software is just exposing a design mistake made by Apple in their latest high-end laptop models. I am also an owner of one of these machines, by the way.