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Title: Need new computer
Post by: Rmoore7167 on 2018 December 05 09:25:57
I just took the PI class by Warren and Ron in Seattle this week. Great Class BTW!  Out of class it became apparent i have some issues with current computer.   Im trying to pin down what computer to get. Im not an expert here but it was suggested I need 17" monitor, SSD, I7 quad core, 32GRam, not sure about video card....  Does anyone have some computer suggestions? I want to get a Laptop as have a remote shed and like do my processing inside house.   I saw this one....

Am I on right track or not?  This is a gaming computer so not sure...

Thanks for any guidance
Title: Re: Need new computer
Post by: fkloer on 2018 December 05 12:21:38
I recently purchased a Lenovo P51 laptop with those features and I'm very happy with it. As a matter of fact I used it in Warren and Ron's class here in Orange County. I7, 1TB SSD main drive, 1TB SSD data drive, 32GB RAM. It's quick and it's powerful.
Title: Re: Need new computer
Post by: jimwaters on 2018 December 05 18:45:53
Yes - this laptop looks very good.  A larger SSD may be useful. 1 TByte SSD.
Title: Re: Need new computer
Post by: dpaul on 2018 December 09 15:33:14
I've got a Dell XPS 15'' 9560 laptop. This has 32 RAM, i7 processor and a 4K screen which makes a huge difference in image quality and color definition. Also the screen is right to the edge of the design so its one of the smallest 15'' laptops available and a 7hr battery life. I use it outdoors and it very durable in extreme cold temperatures down to at least -5 deg C.

Its not available anymore from Dell, they have replaced it with the XPS 9570 with a different processor but the differences aren't huge. Its still possible to get the 9560 on Amazon currently.

Hope this is useful