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Title: Glitch in DBE
Post by: m_abukhalid on 2018 April 13 16:08:13
Hello all,

I have been running into an annoying glitch in DBE and was hoping someone out there knows the solution. I usually relax the settings until the auto generate provides me with a grid corner to corner, and then go through each one individually to tweak the position if the square overlaps over any stars/nebulosity. However when clicking on the next arrow sometimes it will skip 20 instead of 1... Quite annoying and forces me to look at the counter and fix it each time it happens. Usually this occurs when I move or shift a square (but not always). Anyone know why this occurs?

Also, on a side note, is there any negative side effect if the grid in DBE overlaps dust clouds? Im assuming I just need to watch out for stars and nebulosity...
Title: Re: Glitch in DBE
Post by: jkmorse on 2018 April 13 18:31:08
A couple of points.  On DBE controls, when you rotate through the squares, there are two arrow controls.  One, with 1 arrow, moves you 1 square at a time.  The double arrow jumps you 20.  You must be using the double arrow by mistake.

As to nebulosity, you definitely do need to avoid the dust clouds, unless they are truly black.  Otherwise you risk losing lots of detail in the subtle nebulosity.  One way to avoid the problem is to do a maximum STF stretch so you can see the nebulosity more clearly so you can avoid it.  Also, remember, you don't need many points for a good DBE solution unless you are dealing with serious light pollution gradients.  I typically only place a couple in each corner and a few others dispersed around the rest of the image.  More is definitely not better when using DBE.