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Title: Sander Pool
Post by: Astrodoc on 2018 January 27 15:59:36
I learned today that Sander Pool passed away suddenly yesterday morning. I know there are many on the Forum who, like me, learned from Sander. Sorry to have to share this sad news with you.

Clear skies,
Title: Re: Sander Pool
Post by: Warhen on 2018 January 27 16:10:06
Thanks for letting everyone know Ron. Sander was a super guy. I enjoyed my NEAF visits with him over the years.  A very bright and inventive member of the PI community. Sander, you will be missed, friend!!
Title: Re: Sander Pool
Post by: Harry page on 2018 January 27 23:45:21

that's terrible to hear , very sad indeed

never met him personally , but had many conversation's with him 

RIP Sander

Title: Re: Sander Pool
Post by: pfile on 2018 January 28 00:22:26
well that is terrible news. i am very sorry to hear this... thank you for letting us know.

Title: Re: Sander Pool
Post by: Juan Conejero on 2018 January 28 01:54:11
Ron, thank you for sharing this sad news with us. Despite I never met him in person, I can say that Sander was a great person and a one-of-a-kind member of the PixInsight community. Among his many contributions to PixInsight, we owe him the Debayer module, whose first versions he wrote back in 2009. For his numerous contributions with development, testing and support, here and in other public forums, he was and will always be a member of our team of software developers and testers. I will miss his brightness and fine humor sense. I hope you can take a walk among stars, friend.
Title: Re: Sander Pool
Post by: Niall Saunders on 2018 January 29 04:15:40
May I also add my condolences, and hope that his family and friends can learn just how respected he was in the Astro-Imaging Community.

Despite the vast physical distances that separated us, it often felt like I had a mentor sitting at my side as I tried to make sense of some imaging problem that was troubling me.

He will be sorely missed, not just here, but by members in all the various discussion groups and forums, where his contributions usully contained the very nugget of information that was needed.

RIP Sander, may your spirit soar among the heavenly bodies that grace our lives each night.
Title: Re: Sander Pool
Post by: M Covington on 2018 February 07 10:12:11
The obituary came out yesterday (Feb. 6):