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Title: Wishlist for DynamicCrop
Post by: k on 2018 January 25 02:29:31
Hello Juan and Team,
Can you please add the following options to DynamicCrop tool?
1. Aspect ratio: Whenever I want to maintain the aspect ratio, I have to use the calculator. Can you please provide Aspect Ratio as an option?
2. Grids: Can you provide the "rule of third" grids in DynamicCrop?
3. When we select an area to crop, the outside of the crop area should get greyed out, not the inside of the crop area.

Thanks and Regards,
Title: Re: Wishlist for DynamicCrop
Post by: dld on 2018 January 25 03:47:45
There is already a solution implemented for (1): Hold the Ctrl key while adjusting the crop area.
For the rest, I agree, especially for the rule of thirds!
Title: Re: Wishlist for DynamicCrop
Post by: Lord Beowulf on 2018 January 25 08:47:01
I'll add a second to all of the above and some additional comments/suggestions to make the behavior match the standard paradigm for this sort of function:

4.  Dragging the crop frame outside the window should cause the window to scroll.  Currently it is possible to drag beyond the window edge and even beyond the edge of the image (enlarge) but it's not possible to see the resulting crop.  That prevents being able to drag it back.  Instead you move the crop frame.   I want to be able to control the crop at a pixel level, so I want to crop zoomed.  It should be possible to start and end the desired crop frame without ever releasing the mouse button.

5.  Standard behavior for a crop frame is that mouse operations outside the frame adjust the frame (enlarge or rotate) and mouse operations inside the frame grab the image and move it relative to the frame.  This is coupled with item 4 (and item 3) in that the image doesn't scroll at all.

6.  It would be nice to have the per-pixel border control of the static crop in the dynamic crop.  The static crop is not very user friendly since you can't see the impact of the crop without applying it.  At least the dynamic crop provides a visible crop frame.  There's no reason that dialog can't show the window size, image offset, and border offsets, all calculated from each change of another parameter.  E.g. changing a border offset is equivalent to dragging only that side of the box.  Changing the reference position moves both sides, etc. 

7.  For both crop tools (and especially the border offset) please use spinbutton controls for the pixel dimension manipulation.  You have them elsewhere, so I know they're in your toolkit, and for pixel manipulation like moving the border in they would be invaluable.   


Title: Re: Wishlist for DynamicCrop
Post by: k on 2018 February 11 10:24:18
@dld: Holding ctrl did not work.
Title: Re: Wishlist for DynamicCrop
Post by: pfile on 2018 February 11 10:33:56
on OSX it seems to be the clover key that keeps the aspect ratio, however, all that does is maintain the aspect ratio of the box that's already drawn (while you are modifying it). there does not seem to be a way to make the crop box be the same aspect ratio as the image.

Title: Re: Wishlist for DynamicCrop
Post by: dld on 2018 February 11 10:53:21
Hello k, friends,

In order to keep the original aspect ratio, copy the width and height values of your image as seen at the status bar and then use the Ctrl key while dragging the borders into a smaller size. For a specific aspect ratio e.g. 4:3 you may start by entering (say) Width: 4000 and Height: 3000 in the Size/Position fields of the DynamicCrop process and then by using the Ctrl key resize/rotate and center to taste. A bit tedious, I know, but it works :laugh:

(Version @ Windows 10)
Title: Re: Wishlist for DynamicCrop
Post by: k on 2018 February 13 09:52:42
Thanks @dld.
It worked.