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Title: Benchmark for a QuadCore Celeron
Post by: msmythers on 2018 January 16 18:59:11
I had to do this :P I just updated my fanless Mini-ITX computer that sits on my workbench to a 120GB SSD and Windows 10. I installed PI to view images and to use curves or other less taxing processes mostly for daytime photos when needed. I wasn't even sure if PI would even run on this little box. PI did run without any problems and here is the result of the benchmark.

And a link to the full report.http://pixinsight.com/benchmark/benchmark-report.php?sn=NJSH3N10O0BC72K04469RTN6M8UWPJET (http://pixinsight.com/benchmark/benchmark-report.php?sn=NJSH3N10O0BC72K04469RTN6M8UWPJET)