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Title: PixInsight workshops, February 12 & 19, 2017 - Sunnyvale, California, USA
Post by: RBA on 2017 February 01 08:20:29

I'll be giving two PixInsight workshops this coming month of February, in Sunnyvale, California. Here are the links for more details and registration:

Beginner and Intermediate Levels
February 12, 2017
http://www.deepskycolors.com/archive/2017/01/26/deep-sky-Image-Processing-with-Pixinsi.html (http://www.deepskycolors.com/archive/2017/01/26/deep-sky-Image-Processing-with-Pixinsi.html)

February 19, 2017
http://www.deepskycolors.com/archive/2017/01/26/deep-sky-Image-Processing-with-Pixinsi_2.html (http://www.deepskycolors.com/archive/2017/01/26/deep-sky-Image-Processing-with-Pixinsi_2.html)

If you wish to attend both workshops, contact me directly (rba@deepskycolors.com) for a discounted price.