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Title: CEDIC 17 - Central European Deep Sky Imaging Conference - March, Austria
Post by: Herbert_W on 2016 December 09 05:36:09
Hi astrophotographers!

The Central European Deepsky Imaging Conference (CEDIC) is the leading conference for
deep sky astrophotography in Europe.
The conference will take place from March 10 to 12, 2017, in Linz, Austria.

There will be a lot of amazing lectures and interesting workshops by some of the most
experienced astrophotographers (Adam Block, Sara Wager, Wolfgang Promper, ...) from all over the globe.
PixInsight will also be represented at CEDIC 17 by Vicent Peris - he will hold a workshop.
The workshop will be focused on the use of the new DynamicBackground tool, which has
new functionalities and improved algorithms to yield a more accurate gradient correction.

Do not wait too long with the registration. The registration is possible until Feb 26 2017.

We hope to see many of you at CEDIC!
CEDIC Spotlight Team

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