Free Downloads

This page provides links to files that can be freely downloaded from our file servers. Please note that unless otherwise specified, all of these files are subject to copyright by Pleiades Astrophoto S.L.

StarGenerator Databases

The standard StarGenerator process requires a star database to select and plot stars on synthetic star fields. You can download the available star databases below.

PPMX Astrometric Catalog

The PPM-Extended (PPMX) catalog contains 18,088,919 stars with high-precision astrometric and photometric information. Its limiting magnitude is about 15.2 in the GSC photometric system, and is complete up to 12.8 magnitude. We have compiled a StarGenerator database with positional, magnitude and proper motion data for all PPMX stars. For detailed information, see CDS description of PPMX (I/312).

Version 1.01, generated 2009 Aug 19
241.9 MB | SHA1=9a4cafbc795fe50009432781beeeb890d5e49dec

PixInsight Web Badges

We have created web badges that you can put on your website to indicate that your images have been processed with PixInsight. To download these PNG images, right-click on them and select "Save Image As" (or an equivalent option on your browser).

English, black border

English, white border

Spanish, black border

Spanish, white border

French, black border

French, white border

Italian, black border

Italian, white border

German, black border

German, white border

Please copy the PNG image files to your website, instead of loading them from our website. We would appreciate also if you insert a link to our website with each badge.

To put one of these badges on your website, you can use HTML code similar to this:

<a href=""><img
src="/pi-badges/pixinsight-140x40-black.en.png" width="140" height="40" /></a>

The example above assumes that you have copied the badge's PNG image to a "/pi-badges" directory on your website. Change it as necessary to adapt the code to your requirements.

Legacy PixInsight LE Documentation

The old PixInsight LE freeware application, which we have discontinued, included a quite complete documentation in HTML format. Although the old PixInsight LE application is now obsolete, its official documentation still provides interesting and rigorous information not found elsewhere. Some parts of this documentation can be useful to understand key aspects of the current PixInsight platform.

Originally published 2004 October 17.