A First Look into Process Icons

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Here are some process icons during a typical processing session in PixInsight. You may have icons anywhere on the main window's background, but you usually want to have them well visible. As you see, there can be a selected set of icons. On selected icons, you can perform a series of actions with special commands. There is also a dedicated tool bar that gives you quick access to most common process icon operations.

Now let's take a couple of process icons apart:

Each process icon has its own identifier, which is guarateed to be unique in the global context of existing process icons. Process icon identifiers follow the same syntax rules than image and preview identifiers, and a similar automatic naming system also works for them. You may want to review the formal definition of identifiers syntax that we stated for images.

The interface elements of process icons are quite simple. Some of these elements can be controlled through specific global preferences settings, as normal and selected colors, or the font used to represent icon identifiers.

Note that each process icon has a small square image. This image uniquely identifies the process to which the icon belongs. So you can know what a process icon can do for you by simply looking at its icon image. Add to this a text for the icon's identifier, pack both things into a rectangular box, and you have a PixInsight's process icon. Well, actually, there is a lot more behind those small boxes, as you'll learn through the rest of this documentation chapter.

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