Working with Previews

Preview objects are used to try out image processing tasks in PixInsight. Simply put, a preview is a rectangular, temporary subimage that the user can define to test as many processes as he/she wants before applying actual procedures to actual images.

Although the previewing strategies implemented in PixInsight may seem somewhat complicated at first glance, especially since they are quite different from what users are accustomed to find in other image processing applications, PixInsight's previews are in fact quite easy-to-use, accurate and versatile tools. Once you feel comfortable with preview objects, you'll really start exploiting PixInsight to boost your imaging creativity.

As we said early in this documentation, PixInsight is a strongly object-oriented environment. Previews must be thought of as live objects with their own properties and functionality, which we'll review in the following documentation sections.


A First Look into Previews

Creating Previews

Selecting, Moving and Resizing Previews

Preview Data and Functions

Miscellaneous Preview Operations

Using Previews to Try Out Processes

Why Preview Objects