PixInsight Reference Documentation



  • AdaptiveStretch

    Adaptive nonlinear intensity transformation based on existing pixel-to-pixel relations.

  • Annotation

    An interactive text rendering procedure implemented as a dynamic process.

  • AssistedColorCalibration

    Performs a manual color calibration procedure with previewing of background correction, histogram stretching and color saturation transformations.

  • AutoHistogram

    Automatic histogram transformation based on statistical image properties.

  • B3Estimator

    Using the laws of blackbody radiation, generates a synthetic image as an estimate of flux at the specified effective output wavelength or frequency, and/or a thermal map as an estimate of temperature.

  • BackgroundNeutralization

    Neutralizes the sky background of a color deep-sky image.

  • ChannelCombination

    Combines several pixel channels or color space components into a RGB color image.

  • ChannelExtraction

    Extracts one or more pixel channels or color space components from a RGB color image.

  • ColorCalibration

    Calibrates the color of a linear deep-sky image based on documentary criteria.

  • Crop

    Adds or removes image margins.

  • CurvesTransformation

    Implements pixel intensity transformations by interpolation of functions defined through arbitrary user-definable points.

  • Debayer

    Converts a Color Filter Array (CFA) image into a regular RGB color image.

  • DefectMap

    Replaces pixel values using a defect map image.

  • DynamicCrop

    Interactive tool to crop, rotate and scale images.

  • DynamicPSF

    A dynamic tool for interactive PSF fitting.

  • FastRotation

    Rotates images by integer multiples of 90 degrees, or mirrors images horizontally or vertically.

  • FluxCalibration

    Calibrates an image by applying a conversion factor between instrumental counts and physical energy flux.

  • GradientHDRComposition

    Implements a High Dynamic Range (HDR) composition of images with different exposures. Uses a gradient domain method.

  • GradientHDRCompression

    Implements a method that enhances fine contrast details. It can be applied to any image with large contrast differences, including HDR images.

  • GradientMergeMosaic

    Implements gradient domain mosaic creation by merging several registered images into one image without visible borders and seams.

  • HistogramTransformation

    Implements pixel intensity transformations defined by histogram clipping, midtones balance and dynamic range expansion points.

  • ImageIntegration

    Combines images pixel-by-pixel for signal-to-noise ratio improvement and rejection of spurious image structures.

  • IntegerResample

    Image rescaling by integer factors.

  • LocalHistogramEqualization

    Implements local equalization of the histogram. Can be used to enhance local contrast and visibility of structures in the image.

  • RangeSelection

    Generates a mask defined by a range of selected pixel values with optional fuzziness, smoothness, mask inversion and lightness/RGBK source components.

  • Resample

    Changes the dimensions of an image by interpolation of new pixel values from original pixel data.

  • Rotation

    Rotates images by arbitrary angles.

  • ScreenTransferFunction

    Defines a set of histogram transformations applied to the screen rendition of an image, without modifying its pixel data.

  • StarAlignment

    Automatic image registration and mosaic generation using stars as alignment references.


  • AlignByCoordinates

    Script for aligning deep sky astronomical images using their coordinates.

  • AperturePhotometry

    Script for measuring the flux of the known stars in astronomical images.

  • ImageSolver

    Script for solving the coordinates of astronomical images.

  • ManualImageSolver

    Script for solving the coordinates of an astronomical image using control points defined by the user.

  • MosaicByCoordinates

    Script for creating mosaics of deep sky astronomical images using their coordinates.

  • SubframeSelector

    Facilitates subframe evaluation, selection and weighting based on several subframe quality related measurements.