The PixInsight Benchmark

Benchmark Report

Benchmark Identification
Serial number SO72C8267BIY6Z8N8D9Y0YRZR75BH4I6
Benchmark version 1.00.08
Report date 2024/03/17 22:20:05 UTC
CPU Identification
CPU vendor GenuineIntel
CPU model Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-14900KF
System Information
Platform Windows
Operating system Microsoft Windows 11 Pro
Core version PixInsight Core 1.8.9-2 (x64)
Logical processors 32
Total memory size 127.842 GiB
Execution Times
Total time 24.64 s
CPU time 12.63 s
Swap time 11.99 s
Swap transfer rate 1382.210 MiB/s
Performance Indexes
Total performance 19090
CPU performance 29964
Swap performance 7655
Additional Information
Swap disks WD M2, 2TB OS disk Samsung SATA SSD, 8TB data disk
Motherboard Gigabyte Z790 AORUS ELITE AX with Intel Core i9-14900KF
Machine description Intel Core i9-14900KF, Windoes 11 Pro