The PixInsight Benchmark

Benchmark Report

Benchmark Identification
Serial number H8DPI0R75DTK3M1DNLS28KPVQ8W4YI05
Benchmark version 1.00.08
Report date 2019/11/19 11:30:58 UTC
CPU Identification
CPU vendor AuthenticAMD
CPU model AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 8-Core Processor
System Information
Platform Linux / Ubuntu 19.10
Operating system 5.3.0-23-generic #25-Ubuntu SMP Tue Nov 12 09:22:33 UTC 2019 GNU/Linux
Core version PixInsight Core 1.8.8-1 (x64)
Logical processors 16
Total memory size 62.791 GiB
Execution Times
Total time 24.76 s
CPU time 22.24 s
Swap time 2.50 s
Swap transfer rate 6618.830 MiB/s
Performance Indexes
Total performance 18996
CPU performance 17016
Swap performance 36659
Additional Information
Swap disks 32 GB GSkill 2400 Ramdisk, Adata SX8200 1 TB NVME (main drive)
Motherboard Asus Prime X570 Pro
Machine description Homebuilt Ryzen 3800x with 64 GB memory, RX570 GPU,
Comments Replaced USB wifi with Hardware Wifi in PCIE slot. Getting better CPU results from this arrangement.