The PixInsight Benchmark

Benchmark Report

Benchmark Identification
Serial number 28D7FY94F53YN5P5ED7PJTWYB0OT5681
Benchmark version 1.00.08
Report date 2019/12/31 16:35:43 UTC
CPU Identification
CPU vendor AuthenticAMD
CPU model AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-Core Processor
System Information
Platform Windows
Operating system Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Core version PixInsight Core 1.8.8-3 (x64)
Logical processors 12
Total memory size 63.949 GiB
Execution Times
Total time 34.55 s
CPU time 30.71 s
Swap time 3.81 s
Swap transfer rate 4347.620 MiB/s
Performance Indexes
Total performance 13616
CPU performance 12323
Swap performance 24079
Additional Information
Swap disks 40 GB 3200 MHz RAM swap
Motherboard Aorus X570 Elite
Machine description
Comments AMD PBO and XMP enabled